The Vision of the NCCI

…is to seek the Kingdom of YHWH set upon the earth. To be heirs of the Kingdom, ruling as kings and priests.

Our Mission as members of the NCCI

…is to seek out the lost sheep of the House of Israel. To bring all those, small and great, who fear YHWH and his Son, Yahshua, the Anointed One to the Shepherd’s tent to hear the Word of Truth.

Governing Behavior

Remember to govern yourselves accordingly whenever you are present at the Cultural Center of NCCI. This includes field trips and outings.


If you seek to receive your baptism, you need to read the baptism requirements. Afterwards, you should speak with the Elder Priest to set a date and time.

Cleanliness Laws: When can I not enter into the Sanctuary?


Lev 12 and Lev 15

While unclean you must separate yourself during Holy Convocation (Sabbath, New Moon, and Holy Feast). You are not permitted to prepare food, assist with any holy preparations (touch no holy things).


Lev  15 explains the conditions of being unclean relating to your menstrual cycle, bodily discharge, and sexual relations.

Menstrual Cycle

You are instructed to count seven days from the day the cycle starts. One the eighth day at even you are clean. However, if on the eighth day any sign of any cycle (brown or pink), count seven more days. Lev 15:19-33


Anything that is abnormal . Read Lev 15:1-15

Sexual Activity

See Lev 15:16-18


During separation prayer should not stop! 1 Thes 5:17… “Pray without ceasing.”

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Appropriate Dress Attire

All males ages 12 yrs and above of the House of Judah are to enter and exit through the front door of the sanctuary located near the front of the church and be seated on this side of the sanctuary. There are to be no short pants, no tank tops and your loins are to be covered at all times (no sagging).

All females and children of the House of Judah are to enter and exit through the double doors and be seated on this side of the sanctuary. The dress code for ALL females are total head covering at all times, long dress or skirt, no cleavage,  no pants unless covered, and no makeup. Please refrain from asking questions or commenting during Holy Convocation. If you have a question, please ask your husband. If you don’t have one contact the Elder Priest or one of the deacons.

Welcome Into This Place…….


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